Online Advertising – Should You Pay?

The reason webmasters advertise online is only for one thing, to get traffic to their websites. With many online advertising methods available, deciding on which method to use can be crucial to your efforts.

The main difference usually in online advertising is free advertising and paid advertising. While the free ones may take more time and effort than paid advertising, it does not necessarily mean that paid advertising is better though it can be faster and more effective.

Here are 3 paid advertising methods and their benefits.

1. Buying Pop-up Ads or Pop-Unders

Have you ever seen those irritating ads which pop up the screen when you reach a web page you wanted to go to or just about to leave a web page? The Yahoo homepage is a good example. How about those that open another window in the background? Another annoying ad.

Now that we have termed both irritating and annoying, this is one method that used to be effective but should be avoided. Save that advertising dollar.

2. Having a Podcast

Well, this is a good method to display your ads. Whilst, the visitor is reading the content, you display and audio ad and this may just turn readers into listeners and usually end up making them glued to the page to hear your podcast out.

Expensive but value for money.

3. Submitting Your Website To Paid Directories & Search Engines

This is one advertising method you cannot do without if you have the budget to spend. To submit to Yahoo, there is a listing fee of around $300 a year and if you get accepted, think about the traffic you will get for your chosen keyword in the Search Engines.

The same goes with human-edited paid directories. These directories usually invest the money they earn into doing huge submissions themselves to search engines and other quality directories so by doing a paid listing with them; you end up riding on their hard work as well.

Best value for money indeed.

Thus, if budget is not a factor for you, go for paid advertising and remember to track your results.

Source by Fendi Salim

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