Online Advertising – It Can Help

Don't know the difference between Google's AdSense and AdWords? What about the difference between Flash and an animated gif? Let's take a look at the world of online advertising.

Online advertising is growing at a scary rate, and is quickly becoming one of the major advertising media for companies. When it comes to advertising online, it can be daunting for someone who is not Internet-savvy, with so many different options.

The classic advertising option is striking a deal with an individual website to advertise on their site. Usually you run an ad on a popular website that links to your site, giving you immediate – but rather costly – access to a large audience.

Another option is Google's AdWords, which puts a text ad next to search results when someone searches for something related to your website. Search sites like Google also offers other options, such as paying to have your site listed at the top of search results for particular words.

But online advertising is so much more than advertising in the traditional sense. It allows for a whole new range of possibilities. Ads designed with Adobe Flash can be interactive, allowing the audience to actively participate with the ad. A clever online advertising campaign can use a number of different outlets – websites, social media, video, animations, pictures and text. A clever video on YouTube can quickly get a huge audience interested in your business.

The best advice is to be creative. The Internet has brought new life to the advertising industry with designers prepared to take more risks to find out what works. With so many different tools at your disposal, an effective online advertising campaign can revolutionise your business.

Source by John K. Taylor

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